This will knock you out 😴 pampering you to sleep, face touching, positive affirmations | ASMR REIKI

00:00 intro
01:10 lighting candle
03:41 incense aura cleanse
07:30 aura brushing
08:31 face touching
10:10 clear citrine crystal
12:41 flower agate crystal point
14:58 spirit quartz
16:30 reiki symbols
17:37 black tourmaline to remove negative thoughts and energy
20:15 scanning aura with selenite
21:25 aura spray
23:44 scolecite crystal to call in our guides
25:55 brushing hair
28:23 braiding positive affirmations into hair
32:25 aura fluffing

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Hello fellow humans! My name is Silke (pronounced Silk-a) and I am a Level 2 Reiki practitioner currently living in England (born in Belgium not the USA as my accent might have you believe 😄). I dream of moving somewhere tropical, buying a little cabin and living off the land. Besides making ASMR videos I love keeping my hands busy with pottery, drawing and painting.

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